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are you an art student?

Yeah, I am! :)  At the moment though, I’m just going to be taking a class and not going with a program. (I graduated last year from a school that had a Design program)

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Another blast from the past: Max Mizuhara/Tate from Beyblade (either season apparence is up to you) 8D

I was a bit worried about sketching these ‘cause you mght now recognize them. You probably can’t recognise Bryan(on the right!) ‘cause I got lazy and didn’t want to sketch his jacket and everything…

So, Beyblade! Max and Bryan!

The last two sketches for this rond. I don’t accept sketch requests now! You’ll just have to wait until next time. (which might take a while as I got loads of supernatural big bang art to do, as well as the fact that I’m STARTING UNI!! WOHOO!)

oh! i had a better idea! draw frederick's cat, Louis was his name? that cat was awesome

I’m so sorry it took so long!

whispers give us a blast from the past; I wanna see Francis ouo


this so did not turn out how I expected it to but I hope it’s good anyway

Steve Rogers X Natasha Romanov ?? ;v;


:D (I think this is my first time drawing them I hope I did them justice)


I wanna sketch stuff… Anyone got any suggestions?

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